Sat School Day Testing Staff Agreement 2020

This year, the College Board has offered a new option for schools to administer the SAT. The SAT School Day Testing Staff Agreement 2020 is a contract that outlines the responsibilities and requirements for schools that wish to offer the exam to their students on a designated school day.

The SAT School Day program is a convenient and cost-effective way for students to take the exam. It eliminates the need for students to travel to an off-site testing center on a weekend and allows schools to administer the exam during a regular school day. This can also help increase participation rates among students who may not have otherwise taken the exam.

The staff agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of the school and the College Board in administering the exam. It includes details on scheduling the exam, establishing testing protocols, ensuring test security, and reporting test results. It also includes important information regarding accommodations for students with disabilities.

One of the key benefits of the SAT School Day program is the ability for schools to provide additional support to their students. The program allows schools to utilize their own staff members as test administrators, which can help students feel more comfortable and familiar with the exam environment.

Another benefit of the program is the cost savings for both schools and families. The cost of the exam is typically lower for schools participating in the SAT School Day program compared to the traditional Saturday administration.

In order to participate in the SAT School Day program, schools must adhere to the guidelines and requirements outlined in the staff agreement. This includes registering for the program, selecting a testing date, and ensuring that staff members are properly trained and equipped to administer the exam.

Overall, the SAT School Day Testing Staff Agreement 2020 offers a convenient and cost-effective option for schools and students to take the SAT. As a professional, it is important to highlight the benefits and requirements of this program to ensure that students and schools are aware of this valuable option.